Recruitment Professionals supporting 
the Massage, Spa, Beauty and 
Health & Fitness Industry

Niche Recruitment

Runrec is a specialist Recruitment business supporting the Massage, Spa, Beauty and Health & Fitness Industry in the UK. 

Here to help your business grow

We will support your business growth and can provide you with a staffing solution that covers any role within your business, from Administration roles up to 'Hands On' practitioners and through to Senior Management positions. 

Low Cost Recruitment

At Runrec, we know what it is like to own and run a business. So we want to allow our Clients the opportunity to use a professional recruitment business without having to break the bank to do so!

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About Runrec

I am Andy Runchman and I am the owner of Runrec Recruitment and I specialise in finding the very best talent to work in the Massage, Spa and Health & Fitness Sector.

I have worked in the Recruitment Sector for the past 18 years and ran my own recruitment business since 2013.

I have also been working a Massage Therapist since August 2020 where I provide a bespoke service to my Clients in East Cheshire and North Staffordshire. 

I have a real passion for the Massage, Spa, Beauty and Health & Fitness sector and add this passion to my knowledge within the recruitment industry, I can really help your business find the future employees you really need.  

“There is someone for every job and the right job for every person”

I am that confident in our abilities to fulfil your recruitment needs, that once you have used our services, you won't ever need to look elsewhere for recruitment support again. 

Andy Runchman, Managing Director, Runrec Ltd


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